Fuji XT1

Hallo Last month i got one of my dream camera, Fuji XT1 kit come along with Fujinon lens 18-55/2.8-4 , the camera retro looks like with digital function Honestly, i bought this camera as second hand from Internet, but i am lucky this camera still have a guarantee until this year. First impression  for me is design, i do love the design because this remind me the old camera. The second one, off course the colors, since we all know the capabilities of  Fuji colors such Provia, Chrome, Velvia and Black and White. The third is ISO, it still acceptable the ISO until 3200, that's why i always set auto ISO until 3200 and let camera decide. I made several pictures and my basic  setting are set ISO auto, speed also auto, JPEG format, set color +2, Hue -1, Tone -2, and i do love the result straight from camera. With this Fuji, i did not spend a lot time with my computer anymore to do post processing and also i save some extra cash for memory card 🙂 Please visit my gallery to see al my pictures from this Fuji XT1, please click here and here or please click picture below to see all of my work FUJI2291                          FUJI2173 Thank your for visiting my gallery,  and Happy new year Regards, Hendrik

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