Hallo, Today i saw some small Mushroom appears on my backyard, they are grow in between my green grass. I am not sure why those Mushroom are growth on my backyard, is it because of rainy season this month, i am not sure. Other than that, i am a little bit happy with this Mushroom, because for so long i have some idea to take a pictures of small Mushroom but never did it until today. As the first step, i took two or three pictures then i checked the result and I found the background a little bit flat. Then i decided to find some colorful leaves that i found from my small garden. I choose leaves with yellow and a little bit red color, ┬áthen i placed them behind all the Mushrooms, and finally i am happy to see all the result. The only small thing, i forgot to spray this Mushroom with some water :-). Please come and click picture below to see all my Mushroom Gallery,     Regards, Hendrik

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